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Lovers of language and literature, this is the place where you can work together to improve future generations of language technology. By indicating relationships between words and phrases you will help to create a resource that is rich in linguistic information.

Don't worry if you spend hours playing this game - you'll be doing it in the name of Science.
Quick instructions
When you play Phrase Detectives you will be asked your opinion of how phrases in texts (both fiction and non-fiction) refer to each other. This is done in two game styles:

You will be shown a text with a phrase highlighted in orange. You will be asked if this phrase refers to an entity (person, or other object) that has already been mentioned in the text. For example, you might see:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop. He got some tobacco for his pipe.

In this example, the phrase in orange, He, refers to the same person as the phrase "Sherlink Holmes" in the previous sentence. In such cases, you should click on the earlier phrase and then on the Done button.

However, not all phrases refer to a previously mentioned things. In the text above, for instance, the phrases "some tobacco" and "his pipe" in the second sentence refer to objects not mentioned in the previous sentence. In these cases you should click the Not mentioned before button.

You will be asked whether you agree with another detective's decision. An example of this might be:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop. He couldn't believe it was closed.

If you think that the word in orange, It, refers to the same object as the phrase in blue, the shop, you should say that you agree with this decision.

Further instructions
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You could win £100 in Amazon vouchers for being the top scorer in December 2021, as well as other prizes for being in the top 10 if you have a minimum score of 20,000 points in the month.

When you play a head-to-head game you will be rated against expert answers. If you rating is 100 and you have over 1000 points, you automatically join the 100 Club.

To enter, simply play the game and start scoring points. Winners will be contacted by email so if you want to win please add your email, on your Settings page. Full details are in the FAQ.

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"not a correct NP, they need to be kept separate"
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"'Where are my brothers': this is a full sentence, not a NP"
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