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There are 564 completed documents

Fairy Tales - The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage (The Brothers Grimm) completed by livio.robaldo on 01 Apr 2010
Jack Churchill (Wikipedia) completed by JMS on 22 Mar 2010
The Dog and the Wolf (Aesop) completed by JRS on 18 Mar 2010
The Swallow and the Other Birds (Aesop) completed by JMS on 16 Mar 2010
What Christmas Is As We Grow Older (Charles Dickens) completed by JRS on 12 Mar 2010
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead (Wikipedia) completed by jsk on 11 Mar 2010
Fairy Tales - Hansel And Gretel (The Brothers Grimm) completed by JRS on 10 Mar 2010
The Dog and the Shadow (Aesop) completed by squipps on 08 Mar 2010
Dog spinning (Wikipedia) completed by JRS on 07 Mar 2010
Prince Philip Movement (Wikipedia) completed by JMS on 05 Mar 2010
The Fox and the Crow (Aesop) completed by JMS on 04 Mar 2010
The Man and the Satyr (Aesop) completed by JMS on 03 Mar 2010
Pigs fly (Wikipedia) completed by JMS on 02 Mar 2010
The Four Oxen and the Lion (Aesop) completed by JRS on 02 Mar 2010
The Jay and the Peacock (Aesop) completed by JRS on 02 Mar 2010
Flying ointment (Wikipedia) completed by jon on 02 Mar 2010
The Lion and the Mouse (Aesop) completed by JRS on 01 Mar 2010
Undecimber (Wikipedia) completed by JRS on 28 Feb 2010
The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey (Aesop) completed by gomoja on 28 Feb 2010
Cola Wars (Wikipedia) completed by JMS on 28 Feb 2010
The Ass's Brains (Aesop) completed by JMS on 27 Feb 2010
The Man and His Two Wives (Aesop) completed by jsk on 27 Feb 2010
Fairy Tales - Snowdrop (The Brothers Grimm) completed by JMS on 25 Feb 2010
Androcles (Aesop) completed by JRS on 22 Feb 2010
List of chemical compounds with unusual names (Wikipedia) completed by papillon on 19 Feb 2010
The Fox and the Mosquitoes (Aesop) completed by JMS on 19 Feb 2010
Mexican standoff (Wikipedia) completed by aenica on 18 Feb 2010
Miss Russian Army (Wikipedia) completed by aenica on 18 Feb 2010
The Crow and the Pitcher (Aesop) completed by axnicho on 18 Feb 2010
The Two Pots (Aesop) completed by WASP on 17 Feb 2010
Bummer and Lazarus (Wikipedia) completed by Grammar on 15 Feb 2010
Pity Me (Wikipedia) completed by machinist on 15 Feb 2010
Avaricious and Envious (Aesop) completed by Grammar on 14 Feb 2010
The Nurse and the Wolf (Aesop) completed by JRS on 13 Feb 2010
The Man and the Wooden God (Aesop) completed by johnnickel on 12 Feb 2010
The One-Eyed Doe (Aesop) completed by gully on 11 Feb 2010
Weasel war dance (Wikipedia) completed by JMS on 10 Feb 2010
Jakob Maria Mierscheid (Wikipedia) completed by johnnickel on 10 Feb 2010
Industrial musical (Wikipedia) completed by gully on 08 Feb 2010
Fairy Tales - The Old Man And His Grandson (The Brothers Grimm) completed by jon on 08 Feb 2010
McWords (Wikipedia) completed by jsk on 07 Feb 2010
Mexican Perforation (Wikipedia) completed by johnnickel on 03 Feb 2010
Magic smoke (Wikipedia) completed by livio.robaldo on 03 Feb 2010
The Ant and the Grasshopper (Aesop) completed by livio.robaldo on 02 Feb 2010
No Place (Wikipedia) completed by johnnickel on 02 Feb 2010
Stinking badges (Wikipedia) completed by gully on 01 Feb 2010
The Shepherd's Boy (Aesop) completed by hgwalles on 01 Feb 2010
The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner (Aesop) completed by livio.robaldo on 01 Feb 2010
The Old Woman and the Wine-Jar (Aesop) completed by livio.robaldo on 30 Jan 2010
Paula Barila Bolopa (Wikipedia) completed by johnnickel on 29 Jan 2010

June 2019
This year has been a busy year for the DALI team analysing and publishing results from Phrase Detectives, including releasing the second version of the annotated corpus. Read the latest publications about the project on the about page.
April 2019
Head office confirm prizes will be continuing into 2019. Great news for you hard working players!
December 2018
We're back! The geeks have been working hard to produce a new version of Phrase Detectives that takes the best bits of the Facebook version (RIP) and updates the original game. Phrase Detectives version 2 may have a few teething problems as players are integrated over so get in contact is something odd happens and we'll get it fixed.
Sept 2018
The team met up at Queen Mary University to discuss progress of Year 2 in the DALI project. Some of our goals are well ahead, which is great news.
May 2018
The team ran a workshop at LREC'18 called Games4NLP where researchers and game developers got together to share ideas.
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564 documents completed

The most recent was Venus Annodomini (Rudyard Kipling) completed by johnnickel on 02 Jan 2019

The last document to be worked on was Double Seven Day scuffle (Wikipedia) by handsomelee