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Phrase Detectives - The AnaWiki annotation game

Phrase Detectives - The AnaWiki annotation game

Welcome to Phrase Detectives

Lovers of literature, grammar and language, this is the place where you can work together to improve future generations of technology. By indicating relationships between words and phrases you will help to create a resource that is rich in linguistic information.
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562 docs completed

The most recent was Flocke (Wikipedia) completed by Wellington on 01 May 2018
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Quick instructions

You must search for relationships between words and phrases in a piece of text.

You will be given a word or phrase and you must look for any evidence of it appearing earlier in the text. An example of this would be:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop. He got some tobacco for his pipe.

The word in orange refers to "Sherlink Holmes".

You will be asked whether you agree with another detective's decision. An example of this would be:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop. It was closed.

The word in orange refers to the phrase in blue so you should agree with this decision.
Further instructions

Play on Facebook

Play Phrase Detectives on Facebook, which features a new head-to-head mode where you play against an expert and team play where you score double points if you agree with your friends.
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Detective's Bulletin

13 Jan 14
A Facebook group has been set up to discuss some of the more interesting cases of ambiguity found in the Phrase Detectives game. Join the group Do You Know Your Anaphor From Your Elbow?" (Facebook account required).
19 Apr 12
Analysis of player motivations will be presented at Collective Intelligence 2012 conference in Boston, MA. It seems the female players are coming out top!
22 Feb 11
The long-awaited Phrase Detectives Facebook game has gone live.
Play the game.
01 Nov 10
Here are a few game stats for you number junkies. We have over 1.5 million examples of human language in the database submitted by 3500 players, a collaborative effort of over 2700 hours or 112 days. On average players are quicker to disagree with other players than to agree. Exported data from the game shows that the combined answers of players gives a very high quality result. A huge thank you to all detectives.
02 Aug 09
Phrase Detectives was presented at WWW in Madrid, WebSci in Athens and ACL in Singapore.
28 Jan 09
Phrase Detectives' Jon Chamberlain is interviewed by BBC Radio.
26 Jan 09
Articles about the game appear in Innovations Report, Science Daily, PhysOrg and L'Atelier.
01 Dec 08
A good article about the game is on CS4FN website.
28 Oct 08
Read coglanglab's excellent article about Phrase Detectives.
19 Sept 08
Phrase Detectives was presented at STEP 08 in Italy and iSemantics in Austria.

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Most recent game decision
Mary II of England (Wikipedia) submitted by Wellington