Creating anaphorically annotated resources through Web cooperation

A project funded by the EPSRC, grant number EP/F00575X/1

Project description

The ability to make progress in Computational Linguistics depends on the availability of large annotated corpora, but creating such corpora by hand annotation is very expensive and time consuming; in practice, it is unfeasible to think of annotating more than one million words.

However, the success of Wikipedia and other projects shows that another approach might be possible: take advantage of the willingness of Web users to contribute to collaborative resource creation. AnaWiki is a recently started project that will develop tools to allow and encourage large numbers of volunteers over the Web to collaborate in the creation of semantically annotated corpora (in the first instance, of a corpus annotated with information about anaphora).


At the University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering:


At the University of Bielefeld:

Researchers from the following institutions are using the annotated corpus:


Phrase Detectives

The Phrase Detectives game has been released and is collecting collaborative anaphoric decisions from online volunteers.

Phrase Detectives on Facebook

The Phrase Detectives game was redeveloped for release on the Facebook social network in Feb 2011.

Anaphoric Bank

The Anaphoric Bank is a club created to facilitate resource sharing among researchers working on anaphora.